Hey, my name's Seb. It's awesome that you've found your way to my sinkhole of fitness ramblings and the hub of my business. As you're here I'm guessing you might want to know a little bit more about me.

I often get told I'm "looking lean" these days, but my journey started out at a not-so-lean 238lb (17st). I was overweight, unfit, and in a pretty poor state of health both mentally and physically while being only 19 years old. I ended up there through a love of computer games and food (although it must be noted that neither of these things have changed).

This combination of a sedentary lifestyle and guzzling down sugary snacks quickly piled the weight on over my teens. While I achieved highly in the World of Warcraft, my lack of interest in other things led to less than stellar grades at school and the continuation of a journey down an unhealthy road. Eventually, when day to day life started to become an issue due to my weight, something clicked and I felt like it was time to make a change.

I started out just going out for short bike rides and using an old cross trainer in the garden, this combined with watching what I ate a bit dropped the first 40lb quite quickly. Eventually I ordered some dumbbells and a Men's Health book on how to train and began lifting weights in my bedroom.

Now although I was big, I was also weak, extremely weak, 7.5kg dumbbell bench weak. This is where I started off using exercises such as dumbbell bed press and and bed supported dumbbell row (not sure why these haven't taken off). After a while I bought a bench and continued progressing steadily from the humblest of humble beginnings.  This led to the below pictures which were sadly not at my largest. In these pics I weighed in at around 196-204lb (14st-ish).



I took these pictures because at this point I'd started to enjoy training. I wanted a reference point that I could look back on in a few years time and had to get over my fear of cameras at some point. After 5 more months I had dropped another 28lb and was sitting at a much healthier 168lb (12st).


At this point I decided I wanted to be shredded, as every man does at least once in their life. So I settled on 1300 calories (first mistake), then added lots of cardio (second mistake) and then I broke my arm (third mistake). My arm gave way while benching at an incline and rather than drop the dumbbell through the ceiling of my bedroom gym, I let the dumbbell take my arm instead, and that was that.

My impatience was my downfall, rushing things never works and always slows you down in the long run. June 2011 - September 2011 was spent doing very little while any gains I had gotten simply evaporated. I could have given up after breaking my arm, but pushing through set backs and being consistent leads to greater things.

The fitness bug had firmly bitten at me at this point and I decided I wanted to pursue a career in it. I knew that university would finally be a good option for me at this point as this was something I was genuinely interested in. To provide the best service possible you need knowledge, so a degree in sport & exercise science felt like a great option to enable me to conduct my business at a higher level and gain a greater understanding of how things work.

I returned to the gym when I went to university in September 2011, due to the breakage I could barely bench an empty bar, as much of a setback as this was, it just left me more determined. I spent the next few years learning about the industry while studying for my degree. I was consistent, motivated and in the end this led to the below shots which were taken in June 2015. 


Since then I've been working on developing my business and creating stories like this with people from all over the world. If I can do it, you can too!